Off on a tandom….with minerals and vitamins -Yvonne-

Aloha 🙂

Apart from concluding at this present time, that I’m possibly the worst blogger ever. I can only give assurance that my mind has not stopped working overtime since my last blog!

My mind has been absorbed this week looking at minerals. For many who are unable to tolerate milk protein have found problems relating to mineral absorption especially those suffering from IBD. It is for this reason, that I started looking at salt, not to mention boring some dear friends senseless talking about..yes I’m really sorry…salt!

From the reading I’ve done, himalayan rock salt appears to be one of the best in containing over 80 trace minerals. However, despite the hype around it-I’m not convinced the tiniest amount of trace minerals constitute toward the hyped up health benefits. Surely you’d have to consume a fair amount of it to see health change, not to mention consume a fair amount to see the disadvantages of consuming trace radioactive elements such as uranium, polonium and radium. That said, using it perhaps combined with other minerals in the bath..could be a way forward?

This led my thinking back to to calcium absorption at 2.5 years, it was suggested my lo should take extra calcium which showed up low in tests. However for the amount he was eating which was a lot and a varied diet, the fact he wasn’t putting weight, had become severely anaemic from blood loss due to IBD. Not to mention was barely just keeping energy levels up. It made me look closer at the fact this maybe due to the fact his body was not absorbing what it needed to from food.

As many of you who’ve gone down a similar path, you’ll have understanding that magnesium helps with calcium absorption. It was clear to me after a few weeks my lo was not absorbing the calcium supplement either. So having dis regarded claims on the himalayan pink rock salt. I started to look at other sources of magnesium. This led me onto transdermal magnesium flakes in the bath which are absorbed into tissue and play an important part in the intestine. What I did notice that my lo stopped awaking in pain with cramps in the night, he experienced less headaches and dizziness during the day. Eczema behind the ears cleared, stomach is less distended, and an improved  sensitive flaky scalp for which I had tried using different oils, shampoo’s and swapped for just plain water. I was amazed at the difference. He swims now in the bath like its a swimming pool and will asks each bathtime for the flakes!

One thing I hadn’t realised was that Magnesium also plays an important part in converting vitamin D to its active form. While my sons vitamin d levels so far have been fine. I found myself after pregnancy suddenly found my vitamin d levels at 7,5 followed by 2. This was while being given vitamin D injections along with d3 taken orally. It was pretty clear and perhaps should have been to my Gp at the time, that It didn’t matter how much Vitamin D I was given, it was not raising levels in my blood. Until 1) our English summer hit..good ole’ sunshine although I like a lot of people do every year run out even just to stand in a strip of sunshine left at 4pm in the Autumn..just to catch the last of the sun. I couldn’t put my sudden increase ( a level of 50) down to our sporadic sunshine alone.

What I had started doing around the same time was using magnesium flakes in the bath. What I found was that after 3.5 years, I suddenly had relief from pelvic pain on standing and carrying. I no longer had a shooting pain down my leg every morning on standing.

As a qualified Massage practitioner, I would be interested in hearing if anyone has used a magnesium oil/spray. It is something I’d like to incorporate using in my own practice as I’d imagine it would help a number of complaints relating to muscular/skeletal damage due to injury in both the young and elderly. As well as aiding in my specific systems of special interest, namely digestive, endocrine, nervous and integumentary systems. My first thought, was looking at how it may help those with IBD.

As a Holistic Massage Practitioner, my second thought or rather second flowing half of my first thought 🙂 (for those who are still with me).. was how using it in massage may have a positive effect on the brain, in particular; depression. An interesting testimonial recently sent to me by a close friend, indeed explored how transdermal magnesium assisted with moods. If it is true that those with alzheimer’s have a higher aluminium content found within their brains and this has a negative affect on the blood brain barrier then the use of transdermal magnesium in massage surely would have huge huge benefits.

As far as I have read there are not too many contra-indications using magnesium in massage, there are a few medications it interferes with, some health conditions and obviously as long as clients have full kidney function. But in all  appears an easier more effective and safer option than ingesting it.

To conclude, while many of us are prescribed vitamins and minerals along with glossy articles on how paid research has proven these to aide us in different ways. I find myself being rather dismayed 😦 at how little research, advice and emphasis there is on the best way for our body’s to take in these substances in order to obtain maximum health.

One thing  I find hard to grasp, is the fact that much needed magnesium interestingly is taken out of our water during municipal treatment and fluoride is added…:/

Thoughts welcome…

🙂 to be continued….

One thought on “Off on a tandom….with minerals and vitamins -Yvonne-

  1. Interesting read this morning! With my eldest (who has a cows milk and soya allergy) I didn’t really think about extra supplements until he was about 3, when the health visitor (with my second son) told me that they now recommend vitamin supplements from about a year old. They now both take a multi vitamin once a day and my eldest takes a calcium tablet as well. As they are both fair haired and skinned like me I don’t think vit D will be an issue. But as a Falls prevention specialist, vit D is very important and a lot of kids these days spend so long covered up or covered with sun cream they are becoming vit D deficient which will affect their calcium absorption and their bones. Also vitamin B12 is important for brain function but is rarely looked at.


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