Hello world! No cows milk by -Yvonne-


As I find myself sitting here in my pj’s with cuppa (soya milk) tea typing. I think back to 18 months ago and what a journey of growth its been.

I guess from the title of my site, one would be assuming that I must be 100% against cows milk?

Since I realised and it was later confirmed that my little one had a cows protein intolerance. It is true, sure I disliked the pain and discomfort it had caused my little boy. Yes, I have found other sources of calcium and protein that hold more nutrition than cows milk. Yes, I am not a lover of mass milk production and what it does to a lot of animals and Yes, I would like to think that the milk in schools programme was primarily set up for our children’s health and not primarily for protecting the milk industry.

I can only speak in the ‘now moment’ and say at this present time in our house there is little cows milk is on the menu.

As I began to realise the task that lay before me in order to keep my little one safe (I have to add this was before any confirmation of diagnoses) I knew what I had to do. But I didn’t know where to start. The upset of seeing my little boy in so much discomfort and not knowing how I was going to make this better, the anger of countless visits to the doctor, the anxiety of not knowing.

I’m sure there are many of you who’ve sat up as I did, going through food labels, lists and more list of ingredients, with anxiety and fear  setting in.

For those of you who’ve experienced fear, you will know irrelevant whether you fight or flight, one thing you do experience is… energy.

For me, I’ve always been slow reader, yet I found I was reading a couple of hundred pages before bed. I was able to redirect that fear, that excess energy into reading, learning, finding alternative solutions, different ways to cook and learning to live a family lifestyle not revolving around cows milk.

My aim is to share my learning, I believe no parent or family should feel alone and for those of you who have entered on this journey, making lifestyle changes, I’d like you all to know that you’re all doing brilliantly.

I hope my site, offers you non judgemental time and space and what follows is of interest and support.

love to all


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